22 Apr

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Happy Earth Day


International Earth Day is today. Our Community Spring Clean is now only a few days away and we have some exciting news!


We have been working with Tiny Seedlings and they have graciously offered to donate a fantastic lunch for everyone who helps out.  This year it won’t be the usual, hot dogs.   This year we get to warm up with homemade chili and corn on the cob!  Thank you Tiny Seedlings!

United Soils has not only offered to supply the garbage bags and gloves that we needed but will also be supplying 2 garbage bins for all the waste we are going to collect.

One of our concerns for the Lake is water runoff and the sediment that it carries into the Lake.  After a long winter there is a lot of sediment along the sides of the roads that needs to be picked up.  When we presented this concern to United Soils they once again stepped up to help our community and offered to use their street sweeper to clean the areas of concern!  The sooner we can get the gravel and sand off the road, the more of it we can keep out of our Lake!

MLRA Earth Day 2015 flyer1

8th Annual MLRA Earth Day Community Spring Clean Event

We will be collecting used bikes for Africycle, if you have a used bike laying around please drop it off knowing that it is going for a great cause.  There is more information about where these bikes go after you donate them at www.africycle.org.

Are you collecting used batteries but don’t know what to do with them…..bring them by and lets keep them out of the landfill, let us dispose of them for you!

If you have a boat that you can’t get out of the water or a dock that is garbage don’t leave it in the lake, email us and we will come by and help you remove it.

Cedar Beach Park will be providing large recycle bins for everything from metal to plastic, lets keep as much out of landfill as possible.

Can’t wait to see everyone Saturday morning, come early for coffee and we get to end with a great lunch and entertainment by Most Excellent Productions!

Should be a fantastic Day!!

Don’t forget, today, that is actually Earth Day please take time to think of our community and our environment and what YOU can do to make a difference.

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MLRA Earth Day “Spring Clean” Event 2013

17 Apr

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The MLRA, 8th Annual Earth Day “Community Spring Clean” Event    Cedar Beach Park, Musselman’s Lake – Sat. April 25th, 2015 from 9am to noon. 

Due to overwhelming community support the MLRA is having it’s 8th Annual MLRA Earth Day Event! Wow…hard to believe that it’s been 8 years for this extremely successful community event. Please come out and enjoy the fun! Bring the whole family.

MLRA Earth Day 2015 flyer1


IMG_5802 (640x427)

CLICK on IMAGE to view Earth Day photos from last year’s event


The MLRA would like to thank everyone for their continued support. It is much appreciated.




MLRA Earth Day Music Video

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MLRA Earth Day “Spring Clean” Event 2013

17 Apr

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Lake Watch – Water Safety


Don’t forget the lifejackets. Be Safe and ALWAYS Think Water Safety

MLRA Lake Watch Water Safety

Musselman’s Lake Residents Association LAKE WATCH Water Safety initiative


As part of the MLRA Lake Watch initiative, the MLRA added a “Water Safety Tips” section on the home page. Also as part of that same initiative we are going to be posting articles and information on water safety on the MLRA website to help educate residents and visitors to the Lake about water safety. Please make sure that you read the posting below thoroughly and pass the information along. Also please make sure that any visitors that you may have to the Lake are aware of WATER SAFETY. You may save a life!




Never Without My Lifejacket


Message From The MLRA

17 Apr

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Ice Is Gone But Water Is Still Ice Cold


Information from the Canadian Red Cross

Hypothermia and Cold Water

In cold weather you should wear multiple layers of dry clothing, a wind or waterproof outer layer and a PFD or lifejacket.

coldwaterkillsCold water protection gear can also be worn. Some examples are:

  • Wet suit
  • Dry suit
  • Immersion suit
  • Survival suit
  • Exposure coveralls

What happens?

  • Your skin and blood temperature in your arms and legs drop quickly
  • You start shivering
  • You may have trouble breathing and be unable to use your hands
  • The temperature of your heart, brain, and other organs drops gradually
  • You may become unconscious, and if you are in the water, you may drown
  • If your body temperature drops further, you can die of heart failure

What are the signs?

  • Continual shivering
  • Poor coordination of movements
  • Slowing down and falling behind
  • Numb hands and feet leading to stumbling and clumsiness
  • Dazed, confused, careless or forgetful behavior
  • Slowed or slurred speech; slow response to questions
  • Dilated pupils
  • Decreased attention span

Increasing your odds

  • Try to get your body out of the water. Climb onto the boat. Haul yourself onto a log or dock. Grab onto a floating object. Cold water depletes body heat faster than air.
  • If you are alone and if you are wearing a Canadian-approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD), slow down body heat loss through the Heat Escape Lessening Position (HELP). The HELP position can increase your survival time by 50%.
  • Cross your arms tightly against your chest and draw your knees up. Remain calm and still. Do not try to swim. Unnecessary movement will use energy that your body requires to survive. Practice the HELP position with a friend in warm water!
  • If you are with other people wearing PFDs, everyone should ‘HUDDLE’. You may increase your group’s survival time by 50%.
  • HUDDLE with everyone’s chests and sides close together. Intertwine legs and extend your arms around the people next to you.

How do I prepare?

  • Wear a Canadian-approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD).
  • Some PFDs provide insulation against cold water.
  • Wear a whistle on your PFD or clothing. A whistle can be used to signal for help.
  • In cool weather, wear rain gear over and/or wool clothes under your PFD. Wool insulates even when wet. Wear layers of clothing and a hat. As much as 60% of body heat loss occurs from the head.
  • Carry matches in a waterproof container. A fire can help you warm up after exposure to cold or can help you signal for assistance.
  • Bring high-energy food (e.g. chocolate bar) containing sugar.
  • Check with your local weather office before you head out. Be alert to changes in the weather that could influence your safety.
  • Be prepared. Don’t go out alone. Tell a responsible person where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • It is always a good idea to leave a trip plan before going out on the water. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. A trip plan can be left with your local Coast Guard, a marina, friend or relative. Do not deviate from your filed trip plan.
  • Know your craft and how to handle it in both calm and rough conditions. Do not overload.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol. It doesn’t warm you up and will interfere with your ability to make critical judgments.

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Canadian Red Cross – Hypothermia and Cold Water

10 Apr

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A Special Update


With spring in the air, it is time to send out a long overdue update.

Unfortunately this winter, we did not have our annual Winterfest carnival and after 8 years of success it was sad to see that tradition end.  With the newly elected Town Council in the last election, we lost the support of our councillor who was instrumental in securing the donations needed to host that level of an event. Without the support of Councilor Bannon and the support of the Town, it was not feasible to host a free event of that magnitude.

Earth Day

Earth Day Poster 20151 (1)The MLRA has hosted the Earth Day cleanup for the last 8 years with some unbelievable accomplishments. This year the Town of Stouffville will be hosting town wide events. Details about the day’s activities can be found on the Town’s website. Earth Day Clean Ups – The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville

Earth Day has been around since the 1970’s and it is a fantastic day to get outside and at the very least take some time to clean up the area in front of your property.  Our community is a jewel and we encourage everyone to do their part to keep it clean.  Please take the time to get out, say hi to your neighbours and take a minute to pick up some garbage. If we all do our part the lake will be a much cleaner and more beautiful place to live that we can all be proud of.

More Important Than Ever


Click on image for a list of the MLRA’s achievements.

The MLRA has been around for over 8 years.  This association was formed to enable our community to present a united voice to council, ensuring our voice is heard.  As one united voice we can influence how our elected officials spend our money in our community. With this new council in place, we believe this is now more important than ever!

We can build a better, safer community by working together.

Thank you for your continued support.

Your MLRA Executive.
Live Healthy, Work Hard, Play Right

10 Apr

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Share, Care And Be Aware!


Road safety should be the concern of all residents. Whether you walk, cycle or drive…Share, Care And Be Aware.

The Musselman’s Lake Residents Association (MLRA) has a mandate to improve road safety. As part of this mandate we have published several articles on Road Safety. Due to popular demand we are posting the article below once again.

Have a fun and safe summer and please remember to… “SHARE, CARE AND BE AWARE”.


(Originally posted 11.12.12)

The Lake Road Is Dangerous BUT…

We Are Our Own Worst Enemies

CopsThe road around the Lake was built as a cottage road. It was never intended to hold the volume of cars, pedestrians, runners and cyclists that now use it. Even though, through the years road safety has been improved dramatically around the lake (reduced speed limits, improved guardrails and intersection re-engineering), there is still one major problem that has always been with us and still is the greatest threat to everyone’s safety. That problem is speeding. Councillor Bannon reacting to residents’ complaints about speed arranged for the York Region Police to set up speed traps. Over 80% are local residents!

Based on this data…we are our own worst enemies.

The immediate solution, to making this road less dangerous lies with the residents, both drivers and pedestrians. The immediate solution lies with all of us putting our neighbour’s safety first rather than the fact we might be late for work or an appointment. Even though through the years the road has become safer, it is never going to be totally safe unless we all slow down. The solution lies within each of the residents as drivers respecting the safety of the pedestrians and also pedestrians respecting the drivers. Both pedestrians and drivers must play a major role in this common sense safety equation.

Common sense tells us that…

  • It is not safe to speed especially on narrow, multi-use, community roads.
  • It is not safe when pedestrians and cyclists do not dress to be seen and blend in with the scenery.
  • It is not safe for pedestrians to use this road in inclement weather.
  • It is not safe to have inadequate street lighting (certain residents have threatened to shoot out proper new lighting).

Please treat our lake road as a cottage road. It is neither a pedestrian board walk nor a typical road but serves our community as both. We have a very unique community with a very unique road, which with some effort can be shared safely by all.

Drivers need to slow down and also realize that the speed of 40kph is the suggested and posted MAXIMUM speed. That doesn’t mean you have to travel at 40kph when meeting other cars and/or pedestrians on the road. Please recognize this is not a safe speed for sharing this narrow road with other traffic and SLOW DOWN.

Reflective Clothing

Pedestrians please help out the drivers for not only your safety but also theirs. Do not walk 3 and 4 abreast and around corners please be extra cautious and walk single file. Dress to be seen. Wear bright and reflective clothing in order to be readily seen by the drivers. It’s a safety statement rather than a fashion statement. At night, you should be wearing reflective clothing and carry a small flashlight. Help the drivers to see you and they will in most cases instinctively slow down and give you room going by.

Please avoid walking the dog or especially the kids on this road when it’s raining or snowing. It’s a very difficult road to share with vehicles on the best of days but, in bad weather you have the added risk of not only the vehicles have less traction/visibility but, also you are more likely to slip which could be fatal if a car happens by at the same time.

If our community as a whole takes safety seriously, both pedestrians and motorists will immediately find that this cottage road in our community becomes less dangerous. Everyone has to recognize that it will never be totally safe and that safety starts at home. Please respect the dangers of our local roads and be safety conscious for your own safety and for the safety of our whole community who walk, hike, bike and drive the roads on a daily basis.

Maybe we can all learn to share this unique road so we can enjoy it without our safety being threatened.

Share, Care and be Aware!

08 Apr

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Don’t Take A Chance With Your Life. Stay Off The Lake.

Also please make sure that any visitors that you may have to the Lake are aware the ice is unsafe.

Be Safe and Be Aware of changing ice conditions.

Be Safe and Be Aware of changing ice conditions.
United Soils Management roadside sign file photo.

14 Nov

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Time For A Change


 The MLRA is not one person – it’s a team effort and without the commitment and dedication of various people, we could never have accomplished all that we have done in the past eight years.

By Rick Wigmore

Time for Change - ClockLast month, the winds of change swept through Whitchurch-Stouffville’s political scene. So it seems fitting to make some changes here as well at the executive level of the MLRA.  I am announcing my resignation from the MLRA executive.  I have been an executive with the residents’ association since its inception back in May 2006 but I’ve decided that it’s time to let the younger members of the MLRA executive take over the reins.

Working with the MLRA Executive, Councillor Bannon, members of Council and Town Staff has been a very gratifying experience. I learned very quickly though that government moves at a much slower pace than business and timing is everything. For example, if you need anything in the budget for the community, you had better be working with your Councillor no later than September of the previous year because the municipal budget is usually set in stone no later than December. The other important thing you learn is the old adage “you get more bees with honey than with vinegar”. Yelling, shouting and writing nasty “letters to the editor” accomplishes nothing. Working with elected representatives and Town Staff to compromise and reach consensus does.  Working with various representatives allowed us to accomplish so much over the past eight years and just one of our many successes was working with Geranium Homes to bring attention to local environmental issues such as the health of our Lake. The latest water study of the Lake (provided by Geranium Homes) was conducted by Dr. Hutchison, a leading Ontario limnologist and it indicates that the Lake is in great shape. This study really educated us on the natural cycles of the Lake. You will have algae in the spring before the rooted weeds take hold and you will have algae in the fall as the rooted weeds die off. It’s a natural progression and does not indicate a problem with the Lake itself. As Dr. Hutchison so succinctly stated, “Residents have to remember that the Lake is not a swimming pool”. Plants and animals live in it and it goes through phases. The fact that it doesn’t always look pristine is not a problem. The LSRCA has also been conducting monthly water studies to build data on Dr. Hutchison’s excellent study and it has shown that there is no water quality issue with the Lake – just normal, seasonal changes.


Rick Wigmore and Phil Bannon at the MLRA Earth Day announcement about Coultice Park

There are two issues outstanding that still require resolution – the planning of Coultice Park, our amazing new community park and the installation of safer streetlights around the Lake. Streetlights using LED technology enable light to be focused on the road, thereby increasing visibility without spilling excess light into the night sky. This should mean fewer residents will oppose this badly needed safety feature. My advice is to listen closely to Andrew McNeely, Stouffville’s excellent CAO. When it comes to planning community facilities, Andrew has forgotten more than we could ever hope to learn.

The MLRA web site has also been a tremendous amount of work but it has served as an important record of all that has been accomplished by working together. The MLRA is not one person – it’s a team effort and without the commitment and dedication of various people, we could never have accomplished all that we have done in the past eight years. So I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a few of those folks.

    • My wife Linda who had the thankless task of managing the books – she deserves kudos for her work.  The books have now been passed on to the executive in good order with $3,585.93 in the PACE bank account and $183.75 in PACE equity shares.
    • My brother Dan – without his dedication as webmaster, we could never have kept the residents so well informed as to what was happening in the community.
    • Jane Grinnell – thanks for all of your positive feedback and sound advice.
    • Ian and Mike Feld – thanks for ensuring our events always ran smoothly.
    • The tremendous help and support from Kyle Jenkin, Janet Davies and the whole crew at Cedar Beach can never be praised enough. Their commitment to the community is and has been outstanding.
    • Many  thanks also go out to Charlene Jones for her writing & interview efforts , Lisa White for all her hard work on behalf of the Cedarvale Community Assoc., and also Dr. Brian Laing & Christine Laing for their work on the Stewardship Plan with the LSRCA.
    • Community Event sponsors Mario Giampietri, President Geranium Corporation and Alec Cloke, owner of United Soils Management are to be commended for their continued support and commitment to being Gold Standard corporate citizens.

I can’t even begin to thank former Councillor Phil Bannon enough for all of his wise council and his tremendous efforts on behalf of the community that he loves. Phil knocked on my door as a stranger 12 years ago and has since become a great friend.

You will continue to have a tremendous executive made up of community representatives whom I am sure will be reaching out to the all of you in the near future.

So to everyone, THANKS for the memories and I wish everyone all the best in the future.


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