22 Apr

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Don’ Miss The Earth Day Fun!


Join The Fun…meet your neighbours.

Earth Day 2016s

Earth Day Special Guests

Councillor Maurice Smith will be making important announcements about Coultice Park along with Brian Kemp from LSRCA.

LSRCA will be there with information regarding their LEAP program for fixing septic systems, that ARE being inspected this year by the Town of Stouffville.


CLICK ON IMAGE for the LEAP Program website

Christa Sharp will also be doing: Aquatic Discoveries with Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.  Come out and discover a whole new world of living things!  Learn more about bugs, nymphs, and many more creatures that live in the water and their importance in our environment.

Lunch (Chili & Corn) courtesy of United Soils for all those who help us Spring Clean The Community.

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08 Apr

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Do you need help cleaning up your waterfront?


Do you have a boat that has sunk or things in the water you know need to be removed but just don’t have the resources?

Earth Day Spring Clean Event. Do you have a boat that has sunk or things in the water you know need to be removed but just don't have the resources?

Earth Day Spring Clean Event. Do you have a boat that has sunk or things in the water you know need to be removed but just don’t have the resources? mlra@musselmanslake.ca

Every year in conjunction with Earth Day, MLRA volunteers go around the lake helping our community members clean up their shoreline.  If you need help, send us an email and we will come and assess your situation and see if it is something that we can help with.

As a community, let’s  work together to “Spring Clean” Musselman’s Lake for Earth Day. As a community, let’s keep our Lake community clean all year round.

Emails must be submitted no later than Friday April 15th.  This will give us time to assess which projects we can address with the resources available to us.


 IMG_1305_e (2) Please help to keep Musselman's Lake clean all year round

Please help to keep our Musselman’s Lake community clean all year round

31 Mar

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Community Leaders Moving. They Will Be Missed.


By Charlene Jones
Author/Poet/Meditation Teacher, Soulsciences
charlenej@rogers.com | www.soulsciences.net

“They’ve always been devoted and committed to making their Musselman’s Lake community better.”

No one accomplishes anything without the help of many hands, and one of the highlights of recent years has been the way in which Rick and Linda Wigmore gathered so many of us towards greater ends.

Whether shivering in the Polar Vortex temperatures of the Winter Carnival, handing out hot dogs at the April Spring Clean Up, discussing the lake with government officials or hosting one of the regular meetings of the Musselman’s Lake Residents Association, the Wigmores gathered us all.

Rick Wigmore, President of the MLRA & Councillor Phil Bannon celebrate the unveiling of the Coultice Park sign

Rick Wigmore, President of the MLRA & Councillor Phil Bannon celebrate the unveiling of the Coultice Park sign at Earth Day 2014

As President and one of the founding members of the MLRA back in 2006, Rick and his wife Linda, who took up the role of Treasurer, took it upon themselves to draw the community together to talk about issues vital to the lake and lake residents – How do we build stronger communities? How do we petition the Town with clarity? What’s the best way to educate residents on the lake and surrounding area about both environmental and safety issues? From topics such as runoff and water quality, street lighting to road and water safety, Rick led the charge to effect change. Rick’s negotiating skills also enabled the MLRA to have a long overdue, full environmental assessment of the lake undertaken, resulting in our extensive Water Quality report. He also played a role in bringing a long awaited park to our community.

However, it will be at fun events like the Halloween Dances, the Winter Carnival, Fall Festival or Spring Clean Up that Rick and Linda will be remembered most.  They put all of their energy into ensuring that all MLRA events were run successfully – and they weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either. They were always the first to arrive to assist with setting up and the last to leave, staying to help clean up. They had a way of instilling  a sense of comradery into  MLRA members. The hard work shared disappeared in the feeling of a sense of belonging and purpose.

Linda Wigmore helping out on EarthDay

Linda Wigmore helping out on EarthDay

Yes, they decided, after a lot of thought, that it was time for a change. It was time to let go of their home and their signature pontoon boat “The Raven”, a welcome sight and in true Wigmore fashion, a welcome place for so many of us around the lake. They are moving to be closer to their children and grandchildren so they can spend more quality time together.

While we will miss them and the huge impact they’ve had on our lake and our lives, they go with our best wishes for continued joy in their new adventures.

As Ed, The Wine Doctor put it so well…“What can I say about Rick and Linda Wigmore? They’re good people: generous, kind and caring, and from all accounts, the perfect neighbours. They’ve always been devoted and committed to making their Musselman’s Lake community better.  Whitby, now, will be that much richer with their residency and I’m sure they will become a valuable asset to that community.  Jo Ann & I feel very privileged to call the Wigmores our friends.”

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29 Mar

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Our Lovely Lady Lake Sheds Her Winter Coat


Spring has arrived! Our Lovely Lady Lake has shed her winter coat!

Musselman's Lake. Spring is here! Our Lovely Lady Lake has shed her winter coat.

Musselman’s Lake. Spring has arrived! *photo courtesy of Mike Feld


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11 Mar

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MLRA Annual Earth Day Community Spring Clean Event


11 Mar

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Councillor Update re Drinking Water


Residents  have received phone and door solicitations regarding drinking water

Residents should be assured that the Town has a Quality Management System (QMS) for water distribution to ensure that all residents throughout the community are supplied with safe, high quality drinking water.

Water Notice11 (768x1024)

09 Mar

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Media Release – LSRCA


Media Release
For Immediate Release


 Warmer Temperatures Coming: Be Careful Around Waterways

Spring melt brings with it hazardous conditions

Newmarket, ON – March 4, 2016 – Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) is reminding residents of the dangers that exist near streams, rivers, ponds and lakes around this time of year and urge people to keep family and pets away from the edge of all waterways.

Spring is q
uickly approaching, with warmer temperatures expected this weekend and into next week. That means people will be looking forward to getting outdoors. Warmer temperatures, however, also bring rain, melting snow and ice, which can contribute to higher, faster flowing water in watercourses. Slippery and unstable stream banks and extremely cold water temperatures can also lead to very hazardous conditions close to any body of water.

See more at:




09 Mar

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Anticipation of Ice Breakup


 Time to get the winter toys cleaned up, the ice is melting fast and spring is on its way!

If you safely can do so, please ensure that you remove all hockey nets, pylons, chairs etc. from the ice before the ice break up.


Information from the Canadian Red Cross

 Even After The Ice Is Gone, Water Still Is Cold – Hypothermia and Cold Water

In cold weather you should wear multiple layers of dry clothing, a wind or waterproof outer layer and a PFD or lifejacket.

coldwaterkillsCold water protection gear can also be worn. Some examples are:

  • Wet suit
  • Dry suit
  • Immersion suit
  • Survival suit
  • Exposure coveralls

What happens?

  • Your skin and blood temperature in your arms and legs drop quickly
  • You start shivering
  • You may have trouble breathing and be unable to use your hands
  • The temperature of your heart, brain, and other organs drops gradually
  • You may become unconscious, and if you are in the water, you may drown
  • If your body temperature drops further, you can die of heart failure

What are the signs?

  • Continual shivering
  • Poor coordination of movements
  • Slowing down and falling behind
  • Numb hands and feet leading to stumbling and clumsiness
  • Dazed, confused, careless or forgetful behavior
  • Slowed or slurred speech; slow response to questions
  • Dilated pupils
  • Decreased attention span

Increasing your odds

  • Try to get your body out of the water. Climb onto the boat. Haul yourself onto a log or dock. Grab onto a floating object. Cold water depletes body heat faster than air.
  • If you are alone and if you are wearing a Canadian-approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD), slow down body heat loss through the Heat Escape Lessening Position (HELP). The HELP position can increase your survival time by 50%.
  • Cross your arms tightly against your chest and draw your knees up. Remain calm and still. Do not try to swim. Unnecessary movement will use energy that your body requires to survive. Practice the HELP position with a friend in warm water!
  • If you are with other people wearing PFDs, everyone should ‘HUDDLE’. You may increase your group’s survival time by 50%.
  • HUDDLE with everyone’s chests and sides close together. Intertwine legs and extend your arms around the people next to you.

How do I prepare?

  • Wear a Canadian-approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD).
  • Some PFDs provide insulation against cold water.
  • Wear a whistle on your PFD or clothing. A whistle can be used to signal for help.
  • In cool weather, wear rain gear over and/or wool clothes under your PFD. Wool insulates even when wet. Wear layers of clothing and a hat. As much as 60% of body heat loss occurs from the head.
  • Carry matches in a waterproof container. A fire can help you warm up after exposure to cold or can help you signal for assistance.
  • Bring high-energy food (e.g. chocolate bar) containing sugar.
  • Check with your local weather office before you head out. Be alert to changes in the weather that could influence your safety.
  • Be prepared. Don’t go out alone. Tell a responsible person where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • It is always a good idea to leave a trip plan before going out on the water. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return. A trip plan can be left with your local Coast Guard, a marina, friend or relative. Do not deviate from your filed trip plan.
  • Know your craft and how to handle it in both calm and rough conditions. Do not overload.
  • Avoid the use of alcohol. It doesn’t warm you up and will interfere with your ability to make critical judgments.

Think Water Safety

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04 Mar

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Councillor Update re ATVs


ATV operation training for YRP officers

Funds were allocated in the York Regional Police 2016 budget to provide ATV operation training for 14 officers. Residents should be advised that these training sessions will be held on and around sections of the Lake and Coultice Park property between March 21 and March 24

ATV Notice (1)1 (960x1280)



29 Feb

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Magical Evening At Ballantrae Park


 Snowflakes & Starlight Winter Carnival was a success despite spring-like weather

20160220_170017-1 (541x640)

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS – Photo courtesy of Most Excellent Productions

It was a “milder” magical evening at Ballantrae Park. The only frozen things at the event were Olaf the Snowman and Princess Elsa. The skating rink built by the Town of W.S. staff was perfect up to the night before the event when it rained. It actually became a dance floor for many, dancing to the “most excellent” music.

Snowflake Ice Sculpture

Photo courtesy of Most Excellent Productions

There were Beavertails, tacos, burgers, hot dogs, fries and all the other great winter carnival foods. Free hot chocolate was enjoyed by everyone courtesy of Tiny Seedlings. All these Winter Carnival goodies could be enjoyed while sitting at one the picnic tables that surrounded the beautiful bon fire at this successful family celebration.

Inside the community centre there was a show by Lofty the Magician, Snowflake & Starlight crafts organized by the W.S. Museum, Face painting and Glitter tattoos.

There were also community tables with information set up by The Dash for Diabetes Run, Water Smart, York Regional Police and The 1st Ballantrae Scouts.

The Stouffville Fire Department and York Regional Police had vehicles set up in the parking lot, people could visit.

20160220_193634 (640x457)

Photo courtesy of Most Excellent Productions

Councillor Maurice Smith put together a fantastic team to make this outstanding event happen…….If he could only control the weather !!!!!!!

Pyro Mario, Ron and Craig put on the best fireworks show in Stouffville history, choreographed to music. It certainly was a blast……a really dynamite presentation ….it blew us all away ….. very explosive !!!!!!


Thank you to the following sponsors for making this incredible display possible


Special thanks to:

  • Tiny Seedlings: Alec, Shana & Darlene
  • Councillor Maurice Smith
  • Town of W.S. staff:  Rob, Bruce, Joan, Julia, Sarah, Jeff, Dan, Vic, Chris & Shaun
  • 1st Ballantrae Scouts : Pierre , Dave & Gang
  • Most Excellent Productions: Mike, Kevin & Josh
  • Cedar Beach Resort : Kyle, Morgan & Janet
  • Musselman’s Lake Residents Association


The Winter Carnival organizing committee is to be thanked for a job well done!